Google's New Dynamic Quality Score Now Live

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Google announced last night that the real time quality score algorithm would be live within days. Many are now reporting that they are seeing it live in their campaigns. I personally logged into a few of my accounts and noticed it was live for me also. Here is a screen shot:

AdWords New Quality Score

Last week, we complained that advertisers were sick of waiting and they want to know how they would be impacted by this. Back then, only a few were included in the new quality score test. We posted test screen captures of those who saw this live in their accounts. But now it is live and there is mix reaction.

We have discussion at WebmasterWorld, Search Engine Watch Forums, HighRankings Forum and DigitalPoint Forums. The reaction is very mix, here are some select quotes:

I'm 100% sure it's live in my account and it's ugly.

I bet this causes Google to lose money, not make more money. People are really getting fed up with all this quality score BS and lack of transparency.

I bid on my own @#$@!#$@ brand/site name and my quality score is Poor. Whatever google!

It seems to me to be a dilution of the QS as it allows more ads to be shown.. The previous non dynamic thing was a take it or leave it kind of a thing.. This allows more options for Google to use up ad inventory.

I'm seeing the new QS now on my accounts. No more MinBids, or inactive keywords, just an "estimated bid to show on first page". So far there are no surprises, all my ads are running as expected and ad ranks are unchanged. Pretty much transparent so far. Will continue to monitor.

Let's run a poll, please let me know if you are doing better or worse overall with this new quality score in place.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld, Search Engine Watch Forums, HighRankings Forum and DigitalPoint Forums.

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09/16/2008 04:31 pm

I'm seeing some strange results. Interesting, some key phrases that are pretty long tail and not that good IMHO that I have .30 bids on are showing as needing $3.00 - $5.25 bids to get on the front page. So for example my root key phrase "affiliate marketing" is $1.25 Which is about right but... "online affiliate marketing" is $3 per CLICK! "affiliate business internet marketing" $4.00 per CLICK! (which is a funky long tail phrase that came up in a KW tool, I think Google's and probably gets 0 searches) "affiliate marketing make money" $5.25 per CLICK! (another funky long tail phrase that probably gets 0 searches) Note: those long tails are in a separate campaign so they won't affect my main campaign. Many long tails are down at 10 - 30 cents, but quite a few are out of line, like the ones above. I don't really care since they don't drive any clicks, just wondering what the algo is doing??? Does this make sense??? Anyone else seeing crazy bids? Sheesh between this and the financial news, I think I may just go back to bed. ;-) Linda


09/16/2008 05:45 pm

Only been using the new system for a few hours so hard to vote whether I am doing better or worse. Does show some interesting results though. A couple of keywords that were "inactive for search" for the last six months (minimum bid £0.50 or c. $1) have started showing again despite poor quality. Says I need to bid £0.45 for 1st page but the bid is only £0.20 and have about 300 impressions ave. position 1.7! Go figure. But, it seems to me there have always been bizarre results in Adwords monitoring; I guess there always will be.

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