Google AdWords New Quality Score Announcement

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Google has new and important information about the Quality Score, according to the Inside AdWords blog. According to the AdWords team, the Quality Score is more accurate since it will be computed during every single query. Keywords will no longer be marked as "inactive for search." Also, there's a "first page bid" to replace the "minimum bid." The AdWords team explains:

First page bids are an estimate of the bid it would take for your ad to reach the first page of search results on Google web search. They're based on the exact match version of the keyword, the ad's Quality Score, and current advertiser competition on that keyword.

Forum members are reacting with much cynicism toward this approach. On DigitalPoint Forums, a well-seasoned advertiser worries that first time bidders will "start raising bids to get on the front page when they should probably be bidding using an ROI strategy."

Over at WebmasterWorld, similar sentiment is expressed and there's a lot more confusion. What happens if an advertiser wishes to lower his bid from the first page bid? Google has yet to answer that.

Other people think this is a nicer way for Google to say that they're raising advertising costs. Surprised?

However, one advertiser says that the "first page bid" may actually help since it's saving time on testing. It's a good point but I still think the skepticism needs to be addressed as those points are a lot more worrisome.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint Forums.

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