Yahoo! Local Using Wrong Localized English

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The other day, when I was reporting on Yahoo Local & 360˚ Adds Vertical Reviews I stumbled across my company's profile also at

What I noticed was that under the "Payment" type section, it reads "Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cheque."


Notice anything weird? "Cheque" is not how good American's spell "check." Yahoo! is a US based company, they know that my business is in New York, USA - they should know to spell using American English, right?

I know, I am giving them a hard time. I just thought it was funny so I posted a thread at Search Engine Watch Forums named Yahoo! Local Bad with Localized Language describing this. It lead into people rating my company, which I already got myself in trouble with (see bottom).

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murugan ranganathan

08/26/2005 07:07 pm

I guess that an Indian is working on that particular module. Thats why he spelled it as "Cheque" instead of "Check"


09/18/2005 05:19 pm

"Good American's" surely don't use apostrophes for plurals either?! The fact is that "check" is an incorrect spelling. The word is "cheque"; nothing else. There is no such thing as "American English"; there is correct English as written and spoken in England and incorrect English, which appears to emanate from America and pollutes the internet with mispellings and sloppy grammar. More to the point, Yahoo is an international company; and, like it or not, English English is in fact not only the original and correct form of English, but the most-spoken as English-speakers from the subcontinent and Commonwealth are usually far more literate than one might expect. It's important that bad English, i.e. "American English" is eradicated, and Americans taught to spell correctly instead of farting out this "makey-uppy" illerate dialect. The war to save English is on.


10/09/2008 08:11 pm

I think you are being to harsh on this so-called American English. Both "colour" and "color" are correct. Language is a living organism and should be treated as such. p.s."kolor" is wrong....

John Freud

12/15/2009 11:24 pm

There is no such thing as 'American English, There is English and there is slang, American English is Slang. When the English created the English language, they did not include the word American English, which in it's self is contradictory. What certian american companys etc. have done is bastardize the English language. (bastardize- to make IMPURE by adding new elements). Thus creating another English based slang.

Craig Ferguson

05/06/2010 06:16 am

Re John Freud, I'm not entirely sure you're in a position to comment on English granted your horrible use of both grammar and spelling. Errors: companys it's self Slang (no capital) certian On top of this, English was not just 'created' by the English, it took place over centuries as an amalgamtion of various languages such as Celtic, Norman, Anglo-Saxon (Angles ---> English) and various others.


01/17/2011 09:49 pm

Barry Schwartz, I for one can tell you that there is no 'American English', 'South African English', 'Australian English' or any other deriviation of English - there is only English. Secondly, Yahoo! is an international company, so they will not use any slang English (such as 'color', 'check', 'honor', 'armor' et cetera. On a crisp and clear third note, may I remind you that you are speaking our language, so whatever arrogant and outlandish prepositions you may wish to inflict on the language, it shoots right back at you, as English is English, and as the name may suggest in the most discrete of manners, originates from England.

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