Vlog #100: Joe Beccalori On Blending SEO With Other Marketing In An Ever Changing World

Dec 28, 2020 • 7:51 am | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine Roundtable Vlog by Barry Schwartz

In part one, Joe Beccalori and I spoke about what has changed in SEO over the years and here we talk more about what to do.

Joe said the value of organic by itself has diminished so now you need to blend your organic with other forms of digital marketing.

SEO is now much more competitive now than it was even a few years ago. Almost every keyword niche you want to target has been tried and taken. Joe said in fact, often his pricing models works about how competitive things are for a specific niche or client. Joe said you need to not expect the same volume and success, but you need to make sure to “build a better mouse trap” to increase conversions. That is where conversions matter, user experience, and doing what you can to keep people on your site.

SEO is an ever involving industry, Joe said. He gave an example of Linksys, the router company, and how the CEO of that company said it was all about him being one step ahead of the competitors. It is the same thing in marketing, you need to be on top of change, and utilizing what is new and working now versus what was working years ago. Joe shared some more examples of what you need to do, including technology/core updates, video, and optimizing for users response time.

If SEOs are good at anything it is adapting to change.

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