Vlog #76: Mary & Dave Davies on User Experience vs Technical SEO

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Mary & Dave Davies

Mary & Dave Davies is like the SEO sweetheart couple and they co-run Beanstalk Internet Marketing. They started the company together in 2004 and survived working together for over 15-years, which is rare for a married couple. Mary said the way it works is that they stay in their own lanes; she does UX and he does algorithms.

Mary said was is novel about user experience is that it is so simple, it is what people want. Look at your sites less as the eyes of Google but nowadays Google is looking more at your site from the eyes of the users. Look how the times have changed. On the SEO said, Dave said he spends a lot of time breaking stuff. He said he does a lot of technical SEO audits, making sure the pages are technically built right for search engines and people. He is working on some new SEO tools that will be available at some point at beanstalkim.com/tools including an entity calculation tool.

Entities are the single most important thing you can do for SEO these days, Dave said. We discussed a bit about how Google can or cannot handle people that do different things, because maybe Google cannot handle a person who is a DJ and also an SEO at the same time or maybe Google can?

We then moved on to talk about E-A-T. We discussed how the search quality raters guidelines is not the algorithm but it does convey what the algorithm is trying to achieve. We discussed PageRank toolbar scores going away in exchange for this search quality raters guidelines and that Google should have done this sooner. In short, build beautiful web sites that make people happy, that make Google happy - and we are all happy.

Mary then talked a bit about how important it is to make everyone feel included in our small industry.

Mary & Dave Davies can be followed on Twitter at @beanstalkim and visit them beanstalkim.com.

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