Vlog #31: Will Hanke On Lead Generation & SEO


Will Hanke

Will Hanke is someone I’ve known in the industry since the beginning, he has been doing web design and SEO for over 20 years now and is a true veteran in the industry. He has his company named Red Canoe Media. We met at a grocery store, which was pretty cool.

He built his first web site in 1996 for his church. In the early 2000s he built a postcard web site that sent his mom postcards. From that he learned about online marketing and also got him a lot of local publicity. From there he learned a lot of online marketing and SEO, which was more of a roundabout way.

He started doing SEO in 2003 and teaching SEO in 2004. The two of us spent a lot of time in the old SEO forums back in the day and in 2007 he invited me to speak at a marketing conference he ran in St. Louis.

He began teaching about local SEO and digital marketing at the local library and started a meetup group and still runs it for 10+ years now. He helps a lot of people for free learn to help their small businesses do well online.

He still does a lot of lead generation, which was something SEOs were big into the pre-Google Panda days. But he is still doing lead generation in a much more competitive space. He focuses on window treatments and does well with window treatment lead generation. He said he ranks well for keywords to drive more business and he also does a lot of work on LinkedIn to drive more business.

You can learn more about Will Hanke at RedCanoeMedia.com.

Here is the video interview:

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