Forget Google Ad Partner Badge, Get A Client Partners Badge Instead

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This is fun - as you know, the SEM community is not super happy about the change in requirements around the Google partner badges. Google tried to clarify and dumb it down a little but in short, SEMs feel the requirements align too much with Google revenue goals and less with client goals.

So Greg Finn made his own badge named Client Partners at It says:

On February 12th, 2020 Google thrust new regulations upon the Google Partners program. Many industry thought leaders took umbrage with the new Google Partners Program, as it forces advertisers to make a choice between implementing Google’s automated Recommendations on their clients or losing Partner status completely.

After the new changes take effect, agencies will be forced to hit Google’s Recommendation quotas, whether it helps clients or not, if they’d like to stay a Partner.

We collectively find this unacceptable and morally reprehensible.

To combat this change we created a simple badge that you can place on your site. This can replace, or co-exist with your current badges, it simply shows that you won’t put Ad Platform profit over client performance.

Some SEMs would like to drop their Google badges and replace it with this one:

click for full size

Here is what Greg Finn said about this:

Now, will this take on? I am doubtful. It would be cool and amazing if it did. But I am doubtful.

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