Google, Bing, Ask & Other Logos For London 2012 Olympics Open Ceremony

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Google Logo For London 2012 Olympics Open Ceremony

Tonight, the summer Olympics are kicking off in London with the opening ceremony.

To celebrate the day and also to inform users around the world about the event, Google has a special London Olympics Open Ceremony logo.

I'd expect the logo to change from day to day. This one on Google is specific to just the opening ceremonies. In the past, Google changed the logo from day to day, including the Vancouver Olympics.

Google is not the only company with a special logo. We have logos from, Bing, and Sogou. I expect others like Dogpile, Yahoo, Baidu and more to have logos up later tonight or throughout the Olympics.

Bing London Olympics Theme

Ask London Olympics

Sogou London Olympics

I'll try to keep adding more here as they are added, change and are updated.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Updates Here:

Yahoo now has their animated logo up:

Here is the Google London 2012 archery logo:

Google London 2012 archery logo

Google Diving:

Google London 2012 diving

Bing Archery:

Bing Archery

Google Fencing:

Google Fencing

Bing Fencing:

Bing Fencing

Google Men's Rings:

Google Men's Rings

Google's Hockey:

Google Hockey Logo

Bing Rafting:

Bing Rafting

Google Table Tennis:

Google Table Tennis

Bing USA Gymnastics Gold:

Bing USA Gymnastics Gold

Google Shot Put:

Google Shot Put

Bing Road Racing:

Bing Road Racing

Google Pole Vault:

Google Pole Vault

Bing Indoor Sports:

Bing Indoor Sports

Google Synchronized Swimming:

Google Synchronized Swimming

Bing Tennis:

Bing Tennis

Google Javelin:

Google Javelin

Google Hurdles:

Google Hurdles

Google Basketball (interactive):

Google Basketball

Bing Olympics Stadium:

Bing Olympics Stadium

Google Slalom Canoe (interactive):

Google Slalom Canoe

Google Soccer (interactive):

Google Soccer

Google Rhythmic Gymnastics:

Google Rhythmic Gymnastics

Google Closing Ceremony Logo:

Google Closing Ceremony

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