Is Google's Handwrite A Step Backwards?

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Google Handwrite SearchYesterday Google introduced a pretty cool feature to handwrite your search.

Yes, you can open your smartphone or tablet, click on settings and enable the handwrite option. Then go to the Google home page and scribble your query on the screen with your finger. It works okay and it is pretty fun to play with but will it be used?

Here are two screen shots:

Google Handwrite Search

Google Handwrite Search

I just don't how it is easier to try to write with your finger on a smartphone screen than it is to use a keyboard or virtual keyboard? Google said, "there's no keyboard that covers half of the screen and no need for hunt-and-peck typing." But try it, I find it much easier to type it than scribble it with my finger on a small screen. Am I weird?

It is a really cool feature from a technology perspective. Like the Apple Newton, writing on the screen and having it converted to text before your eyes is cool. But is it useful these days?

Other Google searches are useful such as plain typing, voice search, search by image but handwriting your search? It seems like a step backwards to me.

Here is a video:

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