Google June 2021 Core Update Tremors But It's Still Early

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Google June Core Update Tremors

I was expecting as of this morning that I'd see significant signals that the Google June 2021 core update has landed. But at the time of posting this, I am not seeing "significant" signals of this, but I am seeing some less significant signals. Many, not all, of the tools are showing volatility and some are talking about ranking changes but many are saying all is calm.

Maybe it is the nature of this specific update, which is a two part core update, as Google said. Maybe part one has less of a footprint or maybe it is just slower to roll out?

For now, if you haven't, review my large post on the Google June 2021 core update to learn about it. Below I will share what the SEO industry is seeing as of this morning from this update.

It is like you feel the storm coming closer but it is just not there yet.

Google Search Tracking Tools

Let's start with the tracking tools, because those are easy.

Semrush is pretty high on June 4th - which surprises me to be honest:

click for full size

Cognitive SEO is hot but not core update hot:

click for full size

Accuranker also is warming up but not core levels:

click for full size

SERPmetrics also, starting to heat up:

click for full size

Algoroo as well:

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Mozcast is showing really hot weather later on in the day - here is the updated chart:

click for full size

Advanced Web Rankings is still calm:

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RankRanger is updated later today to show a lot of turbulence:

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So it feels like something is heating up and it also feels like Semrush is a bit off compared to the others?

Google Search SEO Chatter

The chatter feels the same, some folks are saying the are starting to see changes but others are saying - nope, no changes. The chatter kind of mimics the tools, like I said, it feels like the storm is approaching but just didn't hit landfall yet.

Here are some quotes from WebmasterWorld and BlackHatWorld:

I am seeing movement in my niche, my competitors (as usual) are up in rankings.

Looking at the results on Google from the UK, yah, things are moving now.

NOT a good day for us so far in UK. Am trying not to panic though; still a lot of rollout to go, and even after that, it could all turn around in another month.

Can we just, like, fast-forward, please? Feel like I'm gonna tear my hair out waiting & worrying, haha!

Yesterday afternoon into evening UK delivered more traffic and I ended up at 68% however this increase in traffic suddenly, almost stopped at 22.00 UK time and went back to its "new" level.

US traffic was at 55%.

I'm just coming up to 12 hours of my Googleday and I'm at 29%.

Huge drop today

Finally made it to the top 3 of Google for my money keywords and then this pops up (again) ...

My websites are still doing fine, let's hope it continues that way

I know its still early but no changes on my side.
No changes at all yet in our vertical (entertainment/education) that I can see. Traffic so far normal (well, normally low and depressing) for a Friday morning.

We're not seeing much movement either - UK electrical & manufacturing. Fingers crossed it stays that way! (probably more effective that just carrying on creating great

But the chatter in these forums are NOT at core update levels yet.

I also asked on Twitter this morning if anyone is noticing anything yet:

My gut tells me two things; this is either just about to pop and we will see big changes this weekend or we won't see anything super big until part two, the July 2021 core update, is released. Time will tell.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld, BlackHatWorld and Twitter.

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