Google: Indexing Issues Can Be Old Spam Related But Likely Not Adult Content Related

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Google Indexing Reporting

Having issues with Google indexing your web pages? Google's John Mueller said while Google may not index pages that are spammy, it will index pages that are adult oriented. John said if your domain had old spammy content on it and you took it over and removed the spam, you can still see your new page not being indexed as fast. But if the site had old adult content, you probably would not see indexing issues related to adult content.

In other words, it can take time for Google to trust a domain that has a history of spammy content on it. Google has been saying for a decade that it does not like to index spammy content. Google has said numerous times that indexing issues can be related to quality issues with the overall site. For pages to be indexed they need to pass quality checks. And if you see your site being deindexed, that can be a sign of a quality issue.

But when it comes to adult oriented content and the SafeSearch filter, normally it won't result in indexing issues. Google will index adult content, it just does not like to index spammy content.

John said at the 51:42 mark "Usually the the indexing side of things would not be related to, kind of like, if there was adult content on the website before. The indexing side might be affected if the content that was on there before was very spammy. So that might be something where we're kind of like from an indexing point of view it just takes a while to figure out oh this this new website is actually not spammy at all."

Here is the video embed where he said this:

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