Google Promoted Governmental Web Sites In Its Latest Algorithm Update? The Federal Update.

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Google Federal Update

On June 23rd we reported about a big Google algorithm update. It seemed pretty big based on the chatter and the tracking tools. But it was not as big as a core update. After about a week, we are now seeing reports from folks in the SEO community that this update may have had a stronger influence on governmental web sites.

Should we name it the Google Federal Update or something like that? Probably not, it was not the only category impacted. But a lot of SEOs and tools are showing governmental web sites impacted by this update.

Here are tweets from Lily Ray, Glenn Gabe, MJ CachΓ³n, Juan Gonzalez, Mordy Obserstein and others showing the impact this update had on some sites in the governmental sector:

If you look at the SEMRush sensor and filter by the sector of government, watch how the spike increases a bit more compared to all categories:

Again, governmental web sites were not the only sites impacted by the June 23rd unconfirmed update. But maybe Google pushed something to give a bit more of a boost for governmental web sites during the pandemic?

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