Google Glass Won't Replace Unit For Accidental Damage

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Deb Lentz, a Google Glass Explorer, slipped on some ice and her Google Glass unit fell off and landed on the pavement. When they landed, the Glass arm snapped off and broke. The shocking part is that when she called Google to replace them, Google said no. They won't replace Glass for accidental damage. I know they did for Robert Scoble but not for her?

Here is a picture:

Broken Google Glass

They said they can't even repair them. It was up to her to find someone who can repair them. If she wanted, she can spend another $1,500 to buy a new pair but Google is not responsible, nor willing to help her out.

I am honestly surprised. If they were $300, I'd get it, but $1,500 and won't replace them.

It just seems unusual. But she said, " I spoke with three different people at the help line, and all three (one a supervisor) said the same thing: accidental damage, no warranty, no repair facilities, you are on your own."

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