Google Selling Google Domains Won't Impact Your SEO Or Google Rankings

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I have seen some folks in the SEO industry suggest that there will be some sort of search ranking and SEO impact with the sale of Google Domains to Squarespace. I just wanted to clarify this sale should have zero impact on your Google Search rankings or SEO efforts.

Some think that when Google sells Google Domains it will lose its status as a domain registrar. And if Google doesn't have DNS records it can impact some search signals, like when the domain was registered, if it was dropped, if it was transferred, etc.

I doubt that Google will drop its status as a domain name registrar.

Google became a domain registrar in 2005, 9 years prior to opening Google Domains in 2014. So I doubt Google was thinking in 2005, lets become a seller of domain names 9 years later. The two, are probably unrelated and I doubt Google will give up its status there.

Also, I guess it is possible that during the transfer those on Google Domains can run into DNS issues when the migration happens. But that I am sure is highly unlikely. And if that does happen, Google Search will figure it out fast and things will go back to normal when it is resolved. Although, things going wrong with the transfer are highly unlikely.

So I don't think the sale of Google Domains will have any SEO or Google ranking impact.

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