Do You Fear Google Disavow Link Threats?

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Fear EmoiticonIt is no surprise to many that more and more SEOs are using the Google link disavow tool. The issue that comes up as time goes on is that there are some using it as a threat to remove or change the links or anchor text pointing to their site.

I am sure some of you have received it. SEOs or other webmasters may email you saying, hey - you are linking to me on this or that page using this link and this anchor text. You have a couple options, either remove the link or change the anchor text to X. If you do not do it within Y days, we will use the Google disavow link tool.

They may add onto that email that using the tool can make your site look bad in Google's eyes. Yada yada.

My question to you, do you fear those types of emails? Do you fear someone may use the Google disavow tool and cite one of your URLs?

Now that you took the poll, I would like to say - do not fear. :)

If you believe Google, Google said the disavow tool won't damage the sites in the list. It simply will just ignore the URLs, as if they are nofollowed. Now, of course, that can change. Aaron Wall thinks himself it will change and Google can use two data points (1) sites frequently disavowed and (2) sites with links frequently removed. Future thought but right now, nope.

That being said, this is causing a big problem in the industry - despite SEOs asking for it.

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