Google: Audience Signals Help Jumpstart Performance Max Campaigns But Continue To Inform

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The other day, Google Ads Liaison, Ginny Marvin said that audience signals are used to only "jumpstart" your Performance Max campaigns. It turns out that Google Ads may continue to use these signals to inform Google's systems over the campaign lifecycle.

Let me share the tweets on this and then Greg Finn's follow up with Google which he published on Search Engine Land.

Kirk Williams asked about audience signals and performance max campaigns, in which Ginny Marvin replied to numerous questions on:

So they ask more questions to dig into how these signals influence the Google Ads automation:

Here is where Ginny Marvin said "signals are used to jumpstart only."

Then Greg Finn followed up with Google to learn that it is not just to jumpstart. Google, however, added additional context around how audience signals can impact early performance within campaigns. “Including them early in the campaign lifecycle can be useful to help jumpstart performance, but they will also continue to inform our systems over the campaign lifecycle, especially as first-party data, in particular, is updated,” the company said.

Greg Finn wrote "So not only can that audience signal help to jumpstart the campaigns, but will also inform throughout the lifecycle of the campaign. Additionally, these signals can help to inform systems over time. Of course, these audience signals are different than traditional audiences in Google Ads. Performance Max will expand beyond the audience signals provided and by nature there is no way to limit that expansion."

So keep this all in mind when funneling these signals into your Performance Max campaigns. It can impact you in the jumpstart phase and even well beyond.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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