Google Analytics Referrer Spam Issue Decreasing?


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For around a year, Google has had major issues with Google Analytics referrer spam. It has lingered on for months and months, just about a year now.

But now I am hearing reports from some webmasters that the issue is decreasing.

A Local Search Forum thread has two webmasters claiming the issue is less of an issue now:

I'm doing a bunch of month end reports and it looks like, for most of my clients, there was a big drop in referral spam. I'm very happy if this happened - it's one less thing to worry about. Is anyone else seeing this?

Yes, I see that as well for the clients where I didn't create filters.

Jennifer Slegg also said she sees the issue resolving itself.

This referrer spam issue with Google Analytics has been plaguing webmasters for almost a year. Can it be that it has been solved?

Google has not publicly said anything on the topic.

Forum discussion at Local Search Forum.

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