Google AdWords: "Delete" Is Now "Remove"

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Google AdWordsGoogle has made a significant language change to the AdWords interface, replacing the "Delete" button and renaming it "Remove." I am not joking. This is being rolled out over the next couple weeks.

Google announced it on Google+ explaining the "change is designed to help advertisers better understand that removed objects are still available for future reference."

Google explained, "in approximately two weeks",they will be updating AdWords to replace most instances of the word "Delete" with “Remove.” For example, you will “Remove” a campaign rather than “Delete” it. As part of this change, downloaded reports will also have their “Status” column values updated to show “Removed” instead of “Deleted.”

Google recommends that if you do any scripting on the language, to update those scripts by July 21, 2014.

Google AdWords Replaced Delete Function With Remove Function

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