Google Ads Mobile App Gets Dark Mode & Optimization Score Details

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Google announced that the Google Ads app has added two new features. The first being dark mode, so you can sit up all night working on your ad campaign without disturbing your partner. The second is new optimization score features to help you make Google more money.

Google Ads Dark Mode

This is the trend, dark mode support, for apps. And now Google Ads has it for Android and soon iOS. Google said "Dark mode is designed for visual comfort. Whether you’re in a low-light environment or prefer darker background colors on your phone, you can now use Dark mode in the Google Ads mobile app. If you’ve already turned on Dark mode in your phone’s settings, you’ll see Dark mode in the app automatically. You can also turn on Dark mode on the Settings page of the app."

Here is a GIF of it in action:

Google Ads Optimization Score

Now in the Google Ads app you can see your optimization score recommendations. So Google will give you quick recommendations for changes you can make to your ad campaigns to improve those scores. Google said "To make it even easier for you to find your most critical recommendations, you can now see your account and campaign-level optimization scores on the account overview screen. Campaigns that have recommendations with the highest potential impact are listed first, so you can prioritize actions that will drive performance."

Here is a GIF:

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