Bing: Social Factors More Important Than Linking Factors

Sep 8, 2011 • 9:25 am | comments (12) by twitter | Filed Under Bing SEO

Bing LogoEric Enge has an excellent interview with Bing's Duane Forrester. There are many excellent take aways from this interview but the key is this:

  • Bing says that social factors are more important that link factors for determining rankings. As Eric summarized, "The ranking of what priorities for publishers in Duane’s eyes. #1 Content #2 Social Media #3 Links. Links were rated as the third most important area. Third."
  • Another major point, as Eric points out is that user interaction in the search results is looked at closely. He said, "The huge weight placed by Bing on user interaction with the search results as a ranking factor."
  • Another point is that Bing is relying on RSS feeds more and more for finding new content.
  • Bing has a very low threshold for bugs in Sitemaps files, in fact, he said, "1% allowance for dirt in a Sitemap," dirt such as links leading to 404 pages and so on.

Anyway, the interview is a must read for all SEOs, so check it out over here.

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