Survey Says: SEOs Don't Care About Teoma or

May 20, 2010 • 7:53 am | comments (1) by | Filed Under - Ask Jeeves

I am constantly giving a hard time, I guess because I really loved them and I felt they could make a difference at one point. Recently we noticed that Teoma was back and Teoma was much of the reason I loved the old So I ran a poll asking if Teoma's results were good.

Most of the polls I run here get about 200 responses. This poll received 39 responses! So I learned that webmasters and SEOs didn't care about the Teoma results. But then I looked at the responses and of the 39 responses, 44% of them said "they don't care" about Teoma enough to even look at the search results and rate them.

Those that did care said 63% said they do not like the Teoma results and 37% said they do like the Teoma results. Again, since we only received 39 responses and only 22 of those actually voted on yes or no, it shows me no one really cares.

Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld.

This was scheduled to be posted today. I am offline today and scheduled several polls for the days I am offline. I am back Friday, May 21st.

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