Webmasters Weigh in on Teoma Search Results

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Last week, Teoma came back and was relaunched as "a simplified interface for everyday keyword web search" by the Ask.com team. Since then, webmasters have been giving it a try.

A WebmasterWorld has some comments from webmasters on the user interface and the search results. I'll include select quotes below, but first, give Teoma a spin and let me know how you like the search results based on relevancy, freshness and speed. Here is the poll:

Now for quotes from the thread:

No organic results above the fold = you love it? There are five ads at the top and they are huge! I have to scroll down to see organic results. There's lame and then there's Teoma lame.

I welcome any new player in the search engine game!

internetheaven - the results look good to me too. It's the layout you don't like. It's a page right out of Ask.

Google and Bing have run off the end of the earth trying to reinvent the wheel and it's nice to see an old friend pop up, if not for any other reason than to remind us of why we are all here in the first place.

I give the results a 'pretty darn good' in my niche. In fact they seem to be able to tell a real 'authority' site far better than Google does these days. No paid links or networks filling the top top page.

Let me rephrase that to be more specific. For the few searches I did in my niche, their results were noticeably better than Google.

One other thing I noticed though. They must either crawl or index pretty slow. Because I found two examples of sites that are ranking, but when I visit them the current site has some difficulties.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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