On-Site SEO Tactics: Search & Social Spring Summit

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Today and tomorrow I will be covering some of the sessions from the Search & Social Spring Summit based in Tampa, Florida. The coverage is more "note" type as opposed to live blogging format. Here is coverage of the On-Site SEO Tactics session Michael Gray & Todd Malicoat moderated by Dave Snyder.

Todd Malicoat

- Onsite SEO is about continent and link architecture - Link equity distribution is key

- Site architecture vs spider architecture, they don't have to be the same he said - He shows a site structure pyramid (silo, or whatever) - Check out competition - Use Sitemaps, use alt text and full keywords in your footer - Experiment with keyword usage - Balance SEO and usability - Block Level Link Analysis gets a head nod - Then talks about issues with duplicate content - Use scraper sites to your advantage by placing absolute links in the RSS feeds - Block certain pages from being indexed, the wasted pages, he calls them "french fry pages" - He likes to link to non-competitive and highly authoritative sites - Detect duplicate content with Xeux and SEOBook tools - Never take a page down on a site, 301 them or put different info on it. This is a tip for job boards.

Michael Gray

- Links are weighted by position on the page (footer not worth that much) - Don't use the word "home" as your home page link - Provide multiple paths (3 or 4) for the spider to crawl deeper into those large sites - Don't necessarily use a directory structure link, unless you think each keyword is needed in the URL (go shorter) - Be careful with dates in your content, Google may show it in the snippet - He likes XML Sitemaps, it never hurts and speed things up

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