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Today and tomorrow I will be covering some of the sessions from the Search & Social Spring Summit based in Tampa, Florida. The coverage is more "note" type as opposed to live blogging format. Here is coverage of the In-House SEO : Tactics for Managing Multiple Sites & Headaches session with Jessica Bowman of, Tony Adam of Myspace! & Kathryn Katz of Consolidated Credit moderated by Loren Baker.

Jessica Bowman

SEO Process - Research - SEO strategy - Present Changes - Code Changes - Changes Go Live - Revise

Most of in-house SEO time is spent in the second half of this process. Why?

- SEO goes against the organization's status quo - SEO adds to development timelines - SEO gets perception of sticking their nose in people's business - Developers don't like SEOs telling them what they should do

But over time people will listen to you for 3 - 6 months and then they stop listening again. This is the honeymoon phase, when people listen to you - but then it ends for two or so years. Ultimately, you hit a point where you are part of the process as a de facto.

In-House SEO Does All Day: - Sell SEO, why you need SEO to be done - Review documentation - Process Changes - Copyediting - Analytics

Kathryn Katz

Vendor Management Process - Accessing - Engaging - Managing - Evaluating

Picking a Vendor: - Trust via past experience, social networking, word of mouth - Expertise via industry visibility, 1st consultation, and perceived value - Wrapping via presentation, professional references and awards/certificates

Evaluate Performance: - Relationship - Delivery - Quality

Tony Adam

Create an SEO Roadmap - Phase One: Blockers -> Quick Wins -> High Priority - Phase Two: Long term, high priority, initiatives - Phase 3, 4, 5: Not major priority, nice to have, not necessary

Limited resources? - Develop "Go To Market Strategies" - Spec out new products and features in wire frames - Create Content Strategy - Be rounded sales and marketing person (biz dev for link building) - Create social media marketing strategy - Do blogger outreach, PR job

Goals: - Links - Traffic - Social Media - Subscribers - etc

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