Does Google Support The Abbreviations and Acronyms Tags?

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Did you know that there are specific HTML markup tags for abbreviations and acronyms? Did you know that people sometimes use them?

A Google Groups thread asks if Google actually uses these tags for indexing purposes? The example given in the thread is if Google would understand the following tag:

<acronym title="Cable News Network">CNN</acronym>

Would Google understand that CNN is an acronym for Cable News Network based on this tag?

Furthermore, would Google understand the abbreviations tag?

<abbr title="et cetera">etc.</abbr>

We all know Google has a huge dictionary and a huge huge database of searchers. I am sure they understand acronyms and abbreviations as part of the search. I am also sure they have tackled the question of automatically determining acronyms and abbreviations as part of their index. But does Google support the official acronyms and abbreviations tags?

We have no confirmation from Google either way, but it appears that Google might not support them. I have a feeling a Google representative is checking out the thread and may reply soon. I will update this post when I have confirmation on if these are supported tags.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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