Webmasters Report December 2007 Google SERP Changes

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Last month, we provided you with November 2007 Google SERP changes, and this month, the trend continues.

WebmasterWorld members report that their rankings have been fluctuating heavily. One reports that his site was not ranked in the top #1000 on Google but then he hit #19. It then increased and the rankings got better, but it soon disappeared out of the top 1000 again.

Similarly, another person is reporting that his biggest site is jumping back and forth from the #1 result to #16-#20. This sentiment is echoed by at least two other members.

A member reports that gaming and entertainment results are popping into SERPs that have no relationship to gaming and entertainment, which is certainly an issue of relevancy for these webmasters.

Finally, the other thing noted is that .ca and .co.uk results are appearing in .com results even though the market isn't tailored to US demographics.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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