Daily Search Forum Recap: November 9, 2007

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google AdWordsAdvisor Answers Questions About CPC Site Targeting for Contextual Ads
    The Inside AdWords blog announced two changes to site targeting yesterday: placement targeting (targeting precise subsections of websites) and CPC bidding for placement targeting.
  • How The Google Sitelinks Block Feature Works
    If you block a sitelink using the new tool in Webmaster Tools, can you still use up the maximum number of sitelinks allocated to you in the search results? The answer to this is no. In short, if you have all 8 sitelinks and you block two sitelinks, you will now have 6 sitelinks. Google will not pick out 2 other links on your site, to make up for the two you blocked.
  • Google AdSense Publishers Earning Per Impression Down Since Channel Bug
    A WebmasterWorld thread is taking a poll of AdSense publisher who still are noticing a huge drop in their ECPM (earnings per impression) numbers since the major issues with channel reporting.
  • Google AdWords Adding Category & Domain Ads Exclusion Feature?
    Some people at DigitalPoint Forums are reporting seeing a new tool in Google AdWords that allows you to specify if you want to block your content ads from showing up on "Domain Ads" and "Error Page Ads." Plus you can also block your ads from showing on sites about specific niches.
  • Third Party Google PageRank Tools Failing?
    There are hundreds of third party PageRank tools that show Google's Toolbar PageRank score. Some of the more popular ones can be found by doing a search in Google for pagerank checker.

Other Great Search Forum Threads:

Did we miss any outstanding search forum threads? Feel free to notify us by submitting a thread.

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