Since Yahoo! Launched Panama Volume & Traffic Is Down?


I have received a couple emails asking me about what Yahoo! Search Marketing advertisers are noticing since the change from Overture to Panama.

Don't get me wrong, we covered it a lot at Search Engine Land but there has not been much discussion at the forums on it. Here are the reports I have found on this:

A Search Engine Watch Forums thread has feedback from four different SEMs all saying that they noticed a drop in volume from Yahoo! Search Marketing since the Panama upgrade.

For me, I think the interface is much better and the account maitenance is somewhat easier. As far as performance, we are down quite a bit from where we were pre-Panama. ROI is similar, but volume is way down.

Our volume is way down too. We are actually at the point of deciding if it's even worth my time to manage Yahoo's campaigns any longer.

I've also noticed an extreme decrease in volume.

Now is this related to the the addition of the Yahoo Panama quality score factors or Panama itself, is hard to answer. But these reports are a bit upsetting.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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