Yahoo! Search Marketing Now Ranked by Quality Score: Welcome Panama


6pm (EST) today, sponsored ads displaying on Yahoo! Search results should be ranked based on both bid price and quality score. Today is February 5th the day the transition is suppose to happen.

A WebmasterWorld thread has a link to a NY Times article that says it should be starting around 3pm (PST) today or 6pm (EST). That is is less than 12 hours.

Are you ready?

There were reports at WebmasterWorld that Yahoo! tested the algorithm out last week. Which seems to have been confirmed by the NY Times;

Last Thursday, the company ran a test in which searches originating on the West Coast ran the new ad ranking system.

I saw the "war room" at Yahoo!'s office, and it is true what they say. Yahoo! will be watching very closely as they flip the switch.

Good luck everyone!

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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