Top Ten List: Things SEOs Don't Want to Hear From New Clients

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A fun thread at Cre8asite discusses the Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear From New Clients. I'll just quote a dozen or so here, the rest you can find in the thread.

Our last web designer went broke, but thats cool, we never paid him.
Its not really plagiarism, is it?
I will get the website content to you shortly.
If you do a really good job on this website, I know heaps of other businesses who want one.
Can we put something on the front page about asbestos compensation?
Yes, I've written out all my content and I printed out a copy for you and put it in the post this morning.
Actually, you know what, I think I like the orginal version better.
We'll want you to tie your system into ours, but we can't give you access.
We want to go with your bid, but we don't know where the money will come from yet.
I'm sorry I haven't got back to you for 3 months, can you re-bid?
What is this "beta test" thing? If the site is running, it's done!
We want splash pages! No, there can't be a "skip" link!
My nephew says...
know I said I wanted that bit removed, but ...

Great stuff...

One I get often (probably once a month).

Remember me? You quoted me 8 months ago but I didn't go with you then. Instead I found someone cheaper. Now I have a site, can you make it work the way I wanted?

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