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When reading other blogs or sites that have links to specific forum posts, you often see that the person links not directly to the post that they are quoting, but rather the thread or the page the post is on. For those that do this, I'll show you how I link to individual posts within the context of a whole thread.

For example; Danny Sullivan had an excellent post today, in response to a members post on the second page of the thread named The Little Engine That Could - Part II.

The code looks like: For example; Danny Sullivan had an excellent <a href="" target="_blank">post</a> today, in response to a members <a href="" target="_blank">post</a> on the <a href="" target="-blank">second page</a> of the thread named <a href="">The Little Engine That Could - Part II</a>.

Getting the thread URL; i.e. is easy, just click on the thread name from the forum. Getting the page specific URL is easy as well, just click on the page number while in the thread or forum.

But getting the link to the specific post, within the context of the thread (so the single post isn't only shown), can be done by clicking the view source button. Then do a find command in the source code on the post date, in the case above, with Danny's post I looked for "Today, 07:56 AM" within the source and then it shows "post35782". The next step is to click on the "find new post" button and then replace where it says "p=XXXXXX#postXXXXXX" with the appropriate post number.

In firefox, you can view "selection source" which makes it a bit quicker.

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