HighRankings Forum Opens SEMPO Q&A Forum


As noted several times on this site, most recently here, SEMPO has been under the gun by many high profile members and industry representatives. In response to the long and (IMO) exhausting threads at the various forums, it was suggested that a forum open a pre-moderated thread to discuss the issues with SEMPO. How does this help? Well, it gives SEMPO the ability to quickly review the main concerns without all the chatter in the regular forums.

Jill from HighRankings has opened not just a thread but a forum dedicated to, as Jill puts it, "SEMPO Questions and (hopefully) Answers". The forum has a long description which states, and I quote:

This is a moderated forum with the purpose of communicating with SEMPO board members. Increased communication with SEMPO members is on SEMPO's agenda, and we at HighRankings support that mission. This forum is moderated, meaning that all posts will have to "pass the muster" before being posted to the public. We hope that SEMPO board members will appreciate our efforts to make communication to the members just a little bit faster and easier, and we hope that one or more SEMPO representatives will take some time to answer the questions being put forth to them.

The first post in this forum is named Questions About Sempo Aug. 18th Newsletter, where Jill asks a list of questions, she hopes will be answered. Time will tell.

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