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I promised I would write on this for a reader. So here it is. Looks interesting, but I did not have time to play with it.

spurlnet_logo.gif is a kind of "search engine meets bookmarking" application - where users can store, search and share their online findings. allows users to keep track of all the interesting and useful content they find online and then - at any time - do a full text search in all the marked content. This helps users find again information they've previously searched for and quickly becomes a great productivity tool for its users.

While this is the main function of the application, it also serves as a fully featured online bookmarking application, making a users bookmarks (and thereby the searching ability) available from any internet connected computer. also makes use of the fact that thousands of users are using the system and can recommend pages by matching user profiles, point to related pages and show everybody what's hot within the Spurl community at any time.

Marking a page (or "spurling" it, as it is called), is done with a single click of a button, popping up a window where users can optionally categorize the page and enter a range of information about it to later help them find it again.

As so many people spend much of their time in work and play online, helps users manage their media consumption and keep track of the useful bits in the information overload.

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