Managing Client Expectations in the SEO World

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A thread at Cre8asite Forums named How do you prepare clients for reality of SEO? discusses the challenges associated with the education and reality of achieving success with a Web site venture. The topic creator says "They launched their site which is in a very competitive market, and wondered why they weren't on the top page."

The responses can in quick from some top notch search engine marketers.

Ammon Johns said: "I never assume that a client will know anything that I don't tell them. Even if they do know some of the things, a refresher is always useful so long as it is kept informative and interesting." That is probably the first mistake some SEO companies make.

Barry Weldford: "I always find it useful to look at how the competition is doing. Are there particular competitors who are doing better in the SERP's? If so how are they stronger than your client? One proviso before you do a lot of work is to remember that it takes a month or two for even Google, which is the fastest of the majors, to find and index your website." Without a competitive analysis how do you know what is needed to achieve success in your rankings? You need to set targets and do your best to meet them. Without targets that are reachable, there will always be problems.

As one member said "Educating the consumer can be a daunting task - especially when there are some uneducated website designers that still believe in Field of Dreams web site marketing - "If you build it, they will come"."

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