Life as a Moderator of a Forum

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I thought it would be interesting to post some thoughts on what is means to be a moderator at a forum.

Today for example, there was a little scuffle at in regards to a post by a member that started a heated topic on an individual. It happens that the whole thing was a miscommunication between two people over a private message. Anyway, this thread was reported to the mods for reviewal. As many of you know SEOChat rarely locks of deletes threads. I have decided to lock this thread until I had more information. Webby decided to simply delete it after I locked it (after the mods ok'ed it) because the whole thread was based on a miscommunication.

That sprung a handful of PMs to me and the other mods about deleting threads and how we shouldn't do it. Well I agree, we should not have to delete threads but sometimes for the better of the public we have to. Public threads need to be moderated and SEOChat does just fine by itself. We very rarely have to do any work as a moderator there.

The role of a moderator: - Be patient, understanding and neutral - Must be respected by the members - Helps to excel at the forums topic but not a requirement (many good SEOs would be bad Mods)

I think the moderators from all the forums deserve a pat on the back, don't you?

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