Avoid Getting Penalized in Inktomi

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While its relatively not too difficult to optimize for Inktomi in general, getting blacklisted by Inktomi is actually a little easier than most realize. I believe a lot of it stems with people over or out doing the optimization of another website that ranks well in Inktomi. Keyword density is not always a magic bullet for Ink. The problem with getting penalized in Inktomi is that most are not even aware of what they got blacklisted for in the first place, they assume the worst and that the "sky is falling". Well despite titanic fears of the worst and short of getting abducted by aliens there shouldn't be anything to fear, its relatively easy to get back your rankings in Inktomi. The first thing people should do is look at their website to begin with. Do this before emailing Positiontech or Inktomi with vague questions as the to the nature of your site. If you identify possible problem areas and be specific you are more likely to get a better answer. Here are some problem areas that have popped up in the past for people who got blacklisted.

1. Hidden text contained within or off the viewable area of the website or page 2. Formatting meta-tags that are incorrect in syntax or appropriate length. This applies to meta data and titles as well. 3. Meta data that has nothing to do with the page itself. 4. Cascading Style Sheets can create problems when used incorrectly. 5. Cloaking pages that either direct or feed the Slurp robot something other than what is originally there. 6. Affiliate URL's, inserting affiliate id's within a URL. 7. Redirecting visitors for no apparant reason 8. Heavy inbound linking for artifically raising link popularity, could possibly apply to networks of sites that cross link only with a single network.

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