Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: January 21, 2011

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itunes-subscribe-video.pngThis week's big news was that Eric Schmidt will be stepping down as Google's CEO soon and replacing him will be Google co-founder, Larry Page. We had our first Google PageRank update of 2011. Is there such as a thing as a Google search Whitelist? A study claimed Google has a search bias towards their own properties. Google has a bug with replying to reviews on your place pages. AdWords continues to test grouping ads into buckets. Google Offers is set to compete with Groupon. Blank pages may be seen by Google as empty pages. Bing to power Yahoo UK. Bing impresses Brett Tabke. We have Google logos, including JFK, Takayangi, Tu Bishvat, Paul Cezanne and Martin Luther King, Jr. We also had MLK logos from Yahoo, Bing and Dogpile. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. Happy New Years!

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This week's big news was that Eric Schmidt will be stepping down as Google's CEO soon and replacing him will be Google co-founder...
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01/26/2011 05:51 am

From running search results from Australia, I found Yahoo and BING 99% of the time shareing the same serp, although in some cases they were still a quite a bit different, do you think BING just hasn't taken complete control over Yahoo or as it just being the beggining, there are still a few glitches... there is now no point in having both search engine included in ranking reports, might as well just stick to the 2 Google and BING. enjoyed your video, will be coming back for more :)

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