JFK's Google Logo, Google Japan's Takayanagi Kenzirou Logo & Google Israel's Tu Bishvat Logo

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Google has three special Google logos, also known as Doodles, on the various Google home pages. The three logos include a JFK logo, Takayanagi Kenzirou 高柳 健次郎 logo and Tu Bishvat פרוייקט ההר הירוק Logo.

Most of us who are in the U.S. will see the Google.com logo, which is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's inaugural address. The logo is made up of words from his inaugural speech. It is a very warm and colorful logo, which I believe pays respect to the day.

The sad part is that the first Google result displayed was changed in order to be better monetized by the site owner. It use to go directly to the details of the speech with pictures and a copy of the speech. But now it goes it an intermediate page that has Google ads and when it redirects you, it pops up new pages that try to sell you things. I guess that is what comes at the cost of ranking number one for a Google Logo click. I am not sure if JFK would be proud.

Here is a picture of the beautiful logo:

50th Anniversary of JFK's Inaugural Address

On Google Japan, there is a special Google logo for Kenjiro Takayanagi 高柳 健次郎. He was a "Japanese pioneer in the development of television," and is referred to as the "the father of Japanese television." He actually built the first all-electronic TV. He was born today in 1899 and died July 23, 1990. Here is his logo:

Google Japan kenjiro

On Google Israel there is a special logo for Tu Bishvat but the search result goes to פרוייקט ההר הירוק which means Green Mountain Project. The holiday is known as the "New Year of the Trees" and due to that many people will plant new trees or donate trees in Israel. Thus the Green Mountain Project which is run by Green Carmel.

Here is Google's green logo, showing parts of Carmel in Israel:

Google Israel new year trees

Fun Google Logo day, don't you think?

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