June 16th Google Update? Google Says No.

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Google Update BrewingI've been seeing some small reports, not at normal major scales where I would be convinced fully, of a Google update brewing.

The WebmasterWorld thread has some webmasters saying they noticed significant rank changes on or around Saturday June 16th. One webmaster said:

After Panda hit in April, my crawl rate has gone down (by 50%), now it is back to "normal" since the 16th of June, i really hope it means something good will happen...

Seems interesting, I do doubt this was Panda or Penguin refreshes but you never know. The last Panda refresh was on June 11th or so and the last Penguin refresh was on May 25th. Google typically does these refreshes every 6 weeks or so but can do minor refreshes when they think they have to.

Two people on Twitter are insistent that there was an update, they include these two:

Also, SERPmetrics tweeted about a possible large change at Google:

Anyway, I don't think I will bug Google to ask them if there was an update unless people in the comments below really think I should?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Update: Google has said there was no update during this time period.

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06/19/2012 01:17 pm

We notized a bigger negative change in our rankings since saturday on google.de...

Ryan Burnsworth

06/19/2012 01:18 pm

I have been posting on #seochat about changes we have been noticing. A keyword of ours would disappear from #13, then re-appear hours later, then disappear again, now it was reappeared at #16, very strange

Russ Offord

06/19/2012 01:19 pm

How about this from @SERPMetrics saying they saw major flux starting around Noon on Sat CST: https://twitter.com/serpmetrics/status/214459115488026624


06/19/2012 01:20 pm

Yeah! Barry I have seen some big movements too on all of my sites! More so then normal Panda and Penguin update changes. Some High Value "Almost stuck in mud for a year" keyword targets have 10 new players on the first page since about Saturday.

Barry Schwartz

06/19/2012 01:21 pm

oh, adding that.

Paul Edmondson

06/19/2012 01:42 pm

9 AM on June 14th we saw major movement. It was two days after a cosmetic redesign, so I'd love to know if there was an update.

Annie Cushing

06/19/2012 01:55 pm

I took a screenshot yesterday of the SERPmetrics (which measures daily fluctuations in G, B, and Y across 100k keywords) to investigate some volatility. Sure enough, there was a huge drop in Google 6/15 (screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/3uG8y7GuM0p1). You can see the report here: http://api.serpmetrics.com/flux/.


06/19/2012 01:55 pm

I wrote a post about this but I really don't think it was an update. It actually just seemed that everything went back to normal like it was before the prior update happaned. However today on June 19 I feel there has been an update or refresh as results have just jumped around crazily from the past few days postings. Google must be doing some heavy testing because these changes have been intense these past few weeks

Dr. Peter J. Meyers

06/19/2012 03:21 pm

I'm seeing Friday-Monday on par with the previous weekend, much like SERPmetrics. Last weekend, it peaked on Saturday, but this weekend flux seems to be increasing through Monday. Weekend roll-outs are rare - two multi-day weekend roll-outs in a row are unheard of. Google is making adjustments way too fast, IMO.

Dr. Peter J. Meyers

06/19/2012 03:36 pm

BTW, since it seems pretty likely this isn't Panda 3.8 (although two Panda updates were 8 days apart), you could always throw Google a friendly "Hey, was this Penguin 1.2?" email :) Consider that my vote.


06/19/2012 04:27 pm

Even I saw a major improvement in my search ranking from 18th June...

Liv Jones

06/19/2012 04:46 pm

The whole darn thing seems to have broke.

Derrick Hicks

06/19/2012 04:57 pm

So far this year, we have only seen positive increases in rankings due to the latest Google updates... until the past two weeks. SERPs have been all over the place as of late. We have not been "dinged" or "penalized" at all, I'm just seeing tons of movement up and down from a base of close to 3,000 keywords I am tracking. It's odd.

Derrick Hicks

06/19/2012 05:03 pm

Seeing the same thing Doc! Lots of movement over the past two weekends. Two weeks ago was bigger than last weekend, but they were close for us.

Barry Schwartz

06/19/2012 05:26 pm

I put out a question to Google on this. Will let you know.

David Sewell

06/19/2012 05:41 pm

Uber volatile SERPs at the moment. Perhaps this is how it will be from now on.


06/19/2012 07:11 pm

I've noticed some SERPs movements. Google put above our site some thin and affiliated content sites. Google's SERPs are going from BAD to WORST. Dissapointed

Barry Schwartz

06/19/2012 07:28 pm

Google said there was no update.

Derrick Hicks

06/19/2012 09:50 pm

I think you are correct on that one.


06/20/2012 12:11 am

Google don't always tell the truth! Or maybe this is something new so they don't feel they should enlighten us yet.


06/20/2012 12:49 am

They have definitely rolled something out. I have sites in 3 distinct geographic locations that have all been affected! mostly in a good way but a few badly.

Russ Offord

06/20/2012 01:56 am

Hourly keyword rank checking? :S Sheesh... I assume you must not be tracking many thousands of keywords on behalf of many many clients at once. ;) We use Raven Tools for weekly ranking updates, but I've signed up for 'several' free Authority Labs accounts to watch 10 most important keywords at a time for some clients who need more attention. The only thing about Auth Labs is that the ranking updates are a couple days behind. So, I've resorted lately to using 'Rankerizer' (for Windows) for when I need to spot check a hundred keywords for a certain client on a certain day.


06/20/2012 03:38 am

I had two blogs stop indexing new post since last Saturday. No ranking loses, they just stopped indexing new post. These are blogs with a low bounce rate, fast load time, lots of pageviews and no inbound links built by us. It is getting on my nerves.

Ian Mason

06/20/2012 03:55 am

Have you tried SERPFox? Tom's made a good simple product. The ranking updates are around every 6-8 hours, so not hourly but a couple times during the day. So far it's great. I used SEScout previously and I don't recommend it.

Ian Mason

06/20/2012 03:58 am

I think they're lying to us for now. I see breathtaking volatility (some sites from the abysss into top 10, other sites from top 10 into the abyss) across around 100 sites.

Ian Mason

06/20/2012 04:34 am

I'm gonna side with Derrick and say you're probably correct. Are we witnessing some kinda massive split test?

David Frankk

06/20/2012 06:51 am

I have witnessed some changes in the SERPs too. Not too sure if there is really an update or not. Software Technology Blog

Jahangir Saghani

06/20/2012 07:08 am

I made a totally new site 4 hours ago and most of the pages of that site is now index in Google, i just ping it's sitemap.xml to pingings sites, so they are still doing indexing!

Jasjot Bains

06/20/2012 07:47 am

I believe there was another update ! Seen changes in traffic logs !!

Shashi Kumar

06/20/2012 08:18 am

I am agree with you Barry but i want to know what is the real thing behind this please guide everybody.


06/20/2012 11:16 am

Yes, ranking position of my site change. definitely it was panda or penguin refresh.

Russ Offord

06/20/2012 12:16 pm

Thanks, I'll take a look at that.


06/20/2012 01:06 pm

maybe we must distinguish updates from tweaks. Update is a major event, tweak is everyday event. Both influence SERPs and one can mimic the other. Updates are usually announced and confirmed by Google, tweaks are not. If there is no announcement, there is no update.

Panah Rad

06/20/2012 01:09 pm

Yup. Seeing it too. Google can say whatever. I can see my results are way up or way down. They are completely different today than 2 days ago and so on...

Nathaniel Bailey

06/20/2012 02:43 pm

Just a little correction Barry, the last google update/refresh was on the 8th not the 11th http://searchengineland.com/official-google-panda-update-version-3-7-on-june-8th-124281 confirmed there by yourself lol :) I didn't really see many changes in our SERPs for our clients (all in the UK), but have noticed a large amount of people asking questions on SEOChat forums as normal after these updates.

Satyendra Mishra

06/21/2012 06:19 am

Why Google Updating so frequently? Answer is simple to provide best results to world for their quires, Wrong. If you search for {lg Smart Phone } in India you will get top 10 results from one website , Is it quality results.


06/21/2012 06:50 am

there is really an update. some of our sites around 4 that got hit after april 24 update had recovered to some level and our main site has seen a huge drop in ranking.


06/23/2012 10:21 pm

Something definitely went on on June 14/15. Site was down 35% in number of impressions. It has remained down ever since. Unclear what the problem is. That has never happened before, not even when the original Panda & Penguin came out.

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