Is Google Rolling Out A Farmer / Panda Update?

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Google Farmer Update Roll OutThere has been a slight uptick in the number of people reporting an update to the Google Farmer/Panda algorithm change.

Yesterday I gave a status update on farmer/panda and said I do not believe it is rolling out. Some disagreed with me but most did not.

The thing is, as Donna said, it might be rolling out on certain Google datacenters and not to everyone yet.

Trusted sources at the ongoing WebmasterWorld threads are saying that they have seen a 20-25% uptick in traffic post the Google update. So while they saw a 60% plus drop in Google referrers, since then, and recently, they saw a 20-25% increase in traffic. In addition, some are saying they are seeing the update roll out to Google UK.

Related to an improvement in the Google US algorithm update, a senior WebmasterWorld member gave some deeper insights into his traffic:

About 85% of my traffic comes from the homepage. So when I saw a 60% drop in traffic post-Panda, it was via phrase-based re-ranking on the homepage, but I did see 200 to 400 position drops (according to WMT) on my 5 shallow pages (that had affiliate links). Since internal pages only account for about 15% of my traffic, I really didn't notice their demotion impact.

So what I think I am seeing, is an increase in traffic due to a specific phrase. That phrase (for the homepage) fell 550 positions, but has recovered to the top 100. This seems to have resulted in a slight upward nudge in longer-tail phrases that utilize that phrase. So "blue widgets" fell to -550, but as of Saturday it now ranks about #99. Subsequently, "big blue widgets" went from #20 to #16. For me, this has been very phrase specific, but I see the "shallow content" aspect. I'm not sure which is the chicken or which is the egg.

So maybe we are seeing early signs of Google updating and rolling out the Farmer/Panda update even further?

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03/29/2011 01:28 pm

For the uk sites I monitor I saw a biggish spike some 2 weeks which I thought could of been panda hitting the uk but the spike only lasted one day which could of been a short test or just a normal serps blip for a day.. Yesterday I had again a similar spike in traffic across board for uk sites I'll need to wait till tomorrow to see if this one sticks. I monitor /run /clients 10's of sites across many niche but almost all focused on the UK market. 1 or 2 days of data isn't enough really as uk is small and the weather really effects traffic here.

Nedim Sabic

03/29/2011 01:58 pm

I noticed high jumps to the top yesterday all over my sites, no content farms! Almost every with big texts.


03/29/2011 07:15 pm

ive been noticing some changes with some of my clients. Especially against their competition .. win/ win for me ^.^ almost every client ive been doing seo for has improved in the last week or so not majorly but enough to save my neck lol!


03/29/2011 07:32 pm

I've seen a big spike in our Google UK traffic, which began on March 26th, but haven't seen any improvement in US traffic for the same site. The site was hit hard by Panda. I'm not sure if the UK improvement is due to a Panda roll out there or something else, but I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.


03/29/2011 07:41 pm

Yes we also saw quite SERP changes in our traffic stats yesterday and figures seemed returning to what we had before US panda update, but today things are again back to normal as if nothing happened.


03/30/2011 01:37 pm

Nothign yet, just a 10-20% temporary spike based on post panda traffic.

Nothing Happen

03/31/2011 06:55 am

I noticed improved ranking for most of keywords.


03/31/2011 12:36 pm

smashed hard by completely out of search engine...earlier more than 10k pages index...happened today..don't ask for url....


04/05/2011 11:26 pm

my too, my 14 sites have gone down bad....strangely they are not related to each others and have still gone down

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