Official: Google Penguin 1.1 Now Live

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Google Penguin UpdateFor the past few weeks, we have been reporting on speculation in the forums that Google released a Panda refresh. The Penguin 1.1 update is now officially live.

All of those speculative posts were down right wrong, according to Google. But Google's Matt Cutts has tweeted that a Penguin update is now live - the moment many of you have been waiting for.

Minor weather report: We pushed 1st Penguin algo data refresh an hour ago. Affects <0.1% of English searches.

Personally, I think all those times we reported on Penguin updates - I think those were live tests of what we see now. I think Google was testing this and some webmasters picked up that their sites either recovered or newly hit. Of course, there are many who were under the false understanding that they were hit by Penguin. But for the most part, I believe these were live tests. I can easily be wrong.

Those updates were on or about May 13th, May 15th and last night on May 24th.

So now we have it - I hope those who were hit by the original Penguin update on April 24th has recovered.

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Co-authors by Barry Schwartz and Ben Pfeiffer

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05/26/2012 05:03 pm

I think the update started affecting yesterday. Little decrease in traffic this time but now am getting quality traffic..


05/26/2012 05:52 pm

Never noticed it

Anne Madison

05/26/2012 06:02 pm

My traffic has doubled from what I've been seeing the last 4 weeks . . . but I don't know if I'm getting a boost because I just changed domains (with a 301 redirect) and Google is interested. Still only half of pre-penguin traffic, but definitely a step in the right direction.


05/26/2012 06:49 pm

I saw a drop of 50% in my search traffic but not sure whether it is Penguin or Weekend effect


05/26/2012 06:50 pm

Hi Anne, I have also changed my domain name around 12 days back.....

Harshajyoti Das Das

05/26/2012 07:12 pm

Saw an increase of 80% in my traffic..

Rk Rkinfo

05/27/2012 02:16 am

why come penguin to effect our sites

SEO Lo♥er

05/27/2012 07:42 am

I am greatful to you for posting this article. This is amazing and I am glad i found your SEO article on google but would like another article on google penguin/panda update. Cheers!!


05/27/2012 03:58 pm

Is this a pray ?


05/27/2012 10:51 pm

I think it's love.

Anh Nguyễn

05/28/2012 02:18 am

Cool, there were about 10% of our keywords have been recovered. :)


05/28/2012 02:59 am

How romantic !


05/28/2012 03:38 am

Are we sure about this update? I haven't regained any traffic whatsoever! I worked my tail off this last month trying to figure out why I had been penalized and making many improvements so my sites. How disappointing!


05/28/2012 05:17 am

till now no change at all to my sites... :(


05/28/2012 06:19 am

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05/28/2012 06:28 am

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05/28/2012 06:28 am

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05/28/2012 06:28 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 06:29 am

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05/28/2012 10:46 am

that might be for low end keywords.


05/28/2012 11:11 am

hi barry i would like to ask you a question directly. Does this penguin update have affects on ip address from where all the submissions takes place? for example one of my friend do all types of link submissions from a same ip for around 20-30 clients. Does that affect ranking or would it come under the latest penguin update algo?


05/28/2012 01:27 pm

I have lost another site in this latest update!? It was fine after the first penguin, it gained a few positions and ended up at #5... then after this latest update on Friday, it's dropped out of the top 10 pages... nothing has been done to it in terms of links for long before the first penguin update.

Jonay Pelluz

05/28/2012 01:29 pm

keywords on domain + wordpress theme + feed reader doing better than the real website, thanks google penguin! and searching for "foro vegetariano" you get vegetarian restaurants on third position or fourth ( thanks google!


05/28/2012 01:45 pm

You're welcome )

Mark Beavan

05/28/2012 04:16 pm

No Change to any of our websites, we were hit by what we thing was penguin on quite a few longer tail phrases that we have never actually done a massive amount of work on. All our big volume terms have remained pretty steady but had hundreds of keywords on top page (long tail) but now all seem to have dropped down. Its difficult to tell what impact it has had as over in the UK we have had some fantastic weather last few weeks so it has skewed natural traffic results.

A Donde Ir Hoy

05/28/2012 04:44 pm

Running google Monitor on 100+ keywords for my site For some of the ones I have manualy checked, at least in ES for, there is no change yet. My site was hit mainly because the alt on the images that were not placed inside a Gallery were being counted as keywords stuffing. Imagine my site being about events and concerts and each page holds at least 50 images... been working on the site since Penguin hit and was finally able to identify what was wrong. Will keep you posted at least for the ES part of Google


05/28/2012 05:42 pm

How did you come to find out that is what was wrong with your site? I am still dissecting my site and have no idea why I have been penalized.

A Donde Ir Hoy

05/28/2012 05:48 pm

sorry posted instead of replying


05/28/2012 05:55 pm

Interesting. I'll have to double check my image alt tags.

Gaurang Joshi

05/28/2012 06:15 pm

Wt the hell has happened to Google.. I dont know what they are upto...??? May be soon someone like Yahoo or Bing gonna end there monopoly and crush them,.. :)

Arjun Yadav

05/28/2012 06:24 pm

Is Google slowly trying to get rid of SEO? It seems as if people actively involved in SEO are the ones that have seen drop in rankings. Companies that haven't worked on their site's SEO and have only natural links are getting better rankings. Just an observation, hope I'm wrong !


05/28/2012 08:18 pm

It's not Google. Google just moves forward. SEO guys stuck in the beginning of century, when one could succeed knowing CMS and some other basics. Panda changed the industry and it never will be the same as before.

Gabriel Machuret

05/28/2012 08:27 pm

Typical... you always find a Troll in an SEO blog, with an "anti-SEO" name, ranting about SEO.


05/28/2012 09:14 pm

Probably. I'm not reading SEO blogs.

Haiqal Egan Rao

05/29/2012 03:57 am

They claim it is only effective on English 0.3%... not sure how much its effect on other languages... is English on Google US or UK? A lot of questions here... but, I noticed some improvement in my analytic on 27th and 28th compared to same period last month... still need to monitor for next 1 to 2 weeks before finalizing its effect on our site...


05/29/2012 04:16 am

hu choose Penguin name because no good update.

Alexander Edbom

05/29/2012 12:51 pm

Noticed some weird jumps the last few days but not sure if it's this.

Nick Stamoulis

05/29/2012 01:41 pm

I'm sure this is just one of many updates to Penguin that are coming down the pipeline. Panda has had around 15 updates or so since it's initial launch and I'm sure Penguin will continue as well.

Arjun Yadav

05/29/2012 03:26 pm

Yea.. Thats pretty obvious :D

Frank Watson

05/30/2012 01:33 am

I hate the percentage thing when there are a million plus results .1% is 10s of thousands and most are the ones at the front of the list


05/30/2012 10:50 am

There will, more than likely, be many more Penguin updates to come. I don't think that this is something that will just go away. The difference with Penguin is that it isn't the usual change and adapt routine that most good SEO's will already know. It's a case of being punished for the work done by yourself or even another SEO at some point in the domains history. You can just adapt your methods and just push forward. I would be really interested to see any analysis done on the effect of historical links, how old does one need to be before Google recognises that it's not relevant and punishes you for it. If I did a massive amount amount of directory building years ago will my site be punished for it now. There has to be some kind of measure that looks at the age of bad links.


05/31/2012 06:19 am

can you tell, when some site have the duplicate content on it then this update will punish it ?? who much percentage of duplicate content is ok of any site?? Please reply me .


05/31/2012 03:01 pm

I think that is just for a day. Please reply if the change in traffic was permanent for you..


06/05/2012 01:43 am

Google results seem more like Bing in many cases, big corporate sites, wiki, government information sites like department motor vehicle sites, these sites being on the first page create more advertising clicks. Google algos are pushing down smaller relevant sites that take away from their advertising clicks. These sites are what used to make Google search so good. You used to could find these sites only on Google and not on the other search engines. Google is leaving the door open for someone else to come along. It would not take very long for people searching to figure this out if they had another start up search engine to use that was like Google was in the beginning.


06/15/2012 09:34 pm

We got hit hard with our competitors who are specialty stores experts at our product lines. Now, I see the big box stores, lowes, sear, amazon at the top. Probably because back links look more relevant when you sell alot of everything instead of being focused on a product line. Who is to stop my competitors from submitting my site to link farms?

freelance web designer

06/16/2012 04:36 pm

Google penguin is killing me and my business , am trying hardly to recover my traffic

Kurt Steinbruch

06/21/2012 02:56 am

Interesting. Are you saying that any alt image text on the site when an image is not in gallery was causing the issue? Or where you referring to a site that utilizes more than average images..... All in all I did not get hit too bad but I did slight drops.


10/09/2012 09:01 am

Why this Penguin Again? I could not recover my old bad effect and again it is hiting. Google please stop now.

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