Google Mocks Me For Missing Panda 3.5

Apr 26, 2012 • 12:26 pm | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

Google Panda 3.5Between the hype around the over optimization rumors, a bug delisting sites in Google and the true roll out of the webspam algorithm - over optimization - and having a baby, with a stomach bug and getting fever a few days later (I am currently home sick which is rare for me) - I missed a Panda update!

I apologize and Matt Cutts made sure everyone knew I missed it. He tweeted there was a Panda refresh on April 19, 2012, this was version 3.5:

It is all in good humor, it shows that I normally do catch these things and when I miss something, Google takes notice. But why didn't Google tell me this when I kept reporting fluctuations, which I clearly said could be a bug, the over optimization or even a Panda refresh, yes I did say that.

So for documentation purposes, there was a small Panda refresh, version 3.5 on April 19th, all during the pushing out of this over optimization and the huge parked domain bug.

Past Panda Updates:

Now I will go back to sleep.

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Sean Fullerton

04/26/2012 06:20 pm

Ha, that's what happens when you set the bar so high Barry! Everyone's eager to see you slip up so they can take the piss out of ya! Get well soon


04/26/2012 07:32 pm

It's rather shocking you missed it... even with all the stuff that's going on in and outside your life.   :) J .     Congrats on the baby!

Rebecca Gill

04/26/2012 07:53 pm

I think what is more shocking than the fact that YOU missed an update, is the fact that Twitter has verified Danny Sullivan and NOT Matt Cutts. Congrats on the addition to your family. Now go enjoy it, because you can't get these first few days of baby bliss back.

Sam Chontos

04/26/2012 08:22 pm

I think the end result of all of these changes is going to place further emphasis on design quality, which is seriously needed.  Hopefully Google will be able to balance this trend, while avoiding "damaging" the small guys, and only rewarding the heavy hitters, that are able to obtain natural links, and relevance faster than most.

Dave Fennell

04/27/2012 02:52 am

Yea, holy cow this Panda Update has hit me hard!!!  I have lost 75% of my traffic/page views in the last 2 days alone.  This is the first of the Google updates that have actually affected me.  For those of you who have been impacted by these before, what would you suggest I start doing to recover as soon as possible?

Becca Seo

04/27/2012 07:35 am

Being in the flow of modern trend it can not guarantee a success if your site is not google panda update.


04/27/2012 09:51 pm

Well, that is that.....I had weathered all of the Panda versions and even had some increases in traffic over the past year then the 3.5 update kicked me in the sack.  I have lost about 90% of all my traffic as of about April 21st it seems. So if I go back and under optimize my pages of my sites do you think I'll get some ranking back?

Babu Karki

05/10/2012 05:15 am

hi web master panda 3.5 my site is last month such nice and searching keyword in google page. but when panda 3.5 update then i didn't see any keyword so what is the problem with us please let know

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