Google AdWords Removing Account Bans?

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Google has been very strict with who they now allow to advertise on their AdWords platform. Late last year they started to mass ban AdWords advertisers who they felt were downgrading the quality of their search ads. Since then, I have seen thread after thread from advertisers who have been banned by Google.

With any mass banning, you have to imagine there is some collateral damage - that is, those who really should not have been banned but were banned by mistake. I really have not seen any threads from advertisers who have said they were unbanned. That is until now.

A WebmasterWorld thread has one advertiser who said 3 of his 7 sites that were banned are now back in AdWords. He said:

I'm an affiliate for several highly ranked weight loss products on clickbank, and all of them have gotten "slapped" by Google anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months ago.

However, in the past week, I've seen 3 of them magically reappear in the content network.

I have not seen any other reports of being unbanned or "unslapped" recently, have you heard of anything related to this?

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Kim Clinkunbroomer

04/07/2010 03:57 pm

Hi Barry, I have seen over a dozen advertisers unbanned personally. Google does make mistakes and some of their 'signals' are flawed. I think the percentage of accidental bans/suspensions is very low but it is happening, and Google will review when asked. Take Care, Kim

Tom Hale

04/07/2010 11:02 pm

In the past Quality Score / Landing Page bans had a "slight" chance of being overturned. "Money Tree" bans are a different thing. I have yet to hear of one of those being overturned. The original reason given for the ban may make a difference. All bans are not equal, pay attention to the wording. -T

Antti Aapakari

04/08/2010 10:12 am

It's good to see innocent folks being unbanned but let's hope that Google doesn't go the other way and make the mistake of unbanning someone who deserved to be banned!

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