First Edition of Search Pulse Live: Sullivan Leaves SEW, AdSense Lawsuit, Yahoo Blog Search, Keywords in URLs, New URLs, Navigational Search, Google Apps & More

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the-pulse-icon.jpgI am proud to inform you that the first edition of the Search Pulse is now archived and available for download and listening at WebmasterRadio.FM. You can listen also by clicking on the link to the MP3 file or opening it with your favorite music player.

On this show we were not able to get to all the topics on our list but we did discuss the following topics, in this order.

  1. The Search Pulse Live, Sept. 5th at 5PM EST
  2. Reaction from the Search Community on Danny Sullivan's Departure
  3. Bradley Sues Google AdSense Over Ban & Violation of TOS
  4. Yahoo! Temporarily Removes Blog Search for Retooling
  5. Keywords in File Names & URLs Do Help
  6. Google Flags Sites That Add Too Many New URLs
  7. Google Changes Handling of Domain (Navigational) Search
  8. Google Launches Applications for Businesses & Domains
The topics we did not get to, include;
  1. Yahoo! Please Enable a No Yahoo! Directory Tag
  2. Microsoft adCenter Content Ads Coming Early Fall
  3. GoogleGuy Downgrades Google Update Pluto
  4. Microsoft Rolls Back MSN Search Update
  5. Yahoo! Search Update Underway?
  6. Should PBS Just Say No to AdSense?
  7. Yahoo! Answers Tests New Search Integration Interface
  8. Google Image Labeler Addictive
  9. Second Edition of Search Marketing Standard Released
  10. Google Analytics & Misplacing Code
  11. Reporting Google AdSense Violations
  12. Google Launches Click to Call in UK
  13. Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, Joins Apple's Board of Directors
  14. More Changes to Google's Related (Similar Pages) Command
  15. Google to Begin Charging AdWords API Fees October 1st
  16. Ranking Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing & Microsoft adCenter
  17. TrueLocal Launches Canadian Local Search Engine

The topic list is in order of how I wanted the conversation to go. I felt that these were the most talked about and discussed topics in the search community.

I wanted to again thank Ben and Chris for co-hosting the show with me. We will be live next week, with this weeks search news and debates on Tuesday 5pm (EST).

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chris boggs

09/06/2006 04:49 pm

FYI these were my notes for the missed topics: • Yahoo! Please Enable a No Yahoo! Directory Tag Good argument by Barry, but it seems as if no response from Y! so far. BTW, Barry, which part of the title is “cute,” as you put it? (lol) * Microsoft adCenter Content Ads Coming Early Fall Very intriguing. A third player in the contextual space. Will this cause prices to lower or raise? Are the quality of many of the MSN ads going to be higher since they have more well-known and trafficked sites that these will appear on? Jen wrote in JenSense that The email invited advertisers received mentioned the various MSN properties than contextually targeted ContentAds would appear on, such as MSN Real Estate and MSN Money, as well as others linked from the main MSN portal. So what exactly does this mean for the other advertisers? Obviously if the ad is hosted on high trafficked-places, the cost per click will be fairly decent. Will “run of the mill” publishers get a piece of this portal-dictated pricing scheme? As noted by 360i’s David Berkowitz, one thing to note is that the AdCenter product has always been slightly better in terms of targeting than the other two products, although that is expected to change with Yahoo’s Panama and more upgrades to G’s AdSense. This could make the ads more valuable in another way, and thus make it worth paying more. Our paid strategists have not come up with any official POV on this new product, since we do not have much to go on yet. MS is being fairly tight-lipped, with just a short acknowledgment of the email written by AdCenter411 at WMW. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. • GoogleGuy Downgrades Google Update Pluto I am with Google Guy and Phantombookman at WMW on this one: Since when did backlink changes become named updates? This DC nonsense is getting ridiculous, even Matt implies it's sad! Personally, although I occasionally use G for a backlink report, as a measure of relative strength, I have never laced too much emphasis on the results. Although looking at the top 20-30 results in Y! Explorer and seeing if they are also represented on the G backlink report is sometimes worth analysis… * Microsoft Rolls Back MSN Search Update Kudos to MSN for rolling back when they realized it wasn’t working. Would G or Y do this? Funny that the WMW thread starts off with both gripe and kudos to MSN for the update, then after MSNDude posts to say thanks (semmingly ignoring the posts that complained), the “stuff” hits the fan. * Yahoo! Search Update Underway? One thing that this bought to light is that G and MSN both seem to be far more forthcoming about updates than Y!. have not noticed many changes in the sites I have looked at. I like martinibusters comments in the WMW thread. * Should PBS Just Say No to AdSense? I just think this is a bit of a non-issue. Reminds me of when Paypal severed the relationship with since a few whiners were complaining about a little rabbit getting killed. PBS deserves to host AdSense, and the government should be very happy if they can gain additional funding through this process. It would be funny if they ended up getting a G grant and then in essense used it to arbitrage the free listings they got into clicks on their adsense. They may be able to use someone shady enough to do that, over there. ;) • Yahoo! Answers Tests New Search Integration Interface I like the older version as well, but anything that leads to discussions about such topics will increase my personal user experience. I would prefer to read a short discussion about any topic versus only seeing the organic results. Barry what are you doing searches on beer for any way? Considering moving to the lager side? ;) * Google Image Labeler Addictive Have not really tried this yet, but one of our analysts bought this subject up in an internal email today, suggesting that we should possibly test this to see if we could somehow effect image search results. Of course, we always properly label images on our websites. ;) * Second Edition of Search Marketing Standard Released Have not read it, but have heard some good things. I did subscribe, using a coupon I found though a search (hint hint). I may actually contribute to one of the next two issues, and was told that they like to wait until very close to publishing for the final versions of the articles, in order to be up-to-date as possible. I have noticed a fair amount of people that are confused between this mag and “website Services magazine.” (more than 5 people have asked this so far to me alone) * Google Analytics & Misplacing Code I genrally will keep my mouth shut when it comes to code. Although I can give a non-technical viewpoint in some instances. * Reporting Google AdSense Violations I have never been much of a person to use “tattle tale” type tactics, but whatever floats your boat. • Google Launches Click to Call in UK Very cool. Have not yet had time to read much about this, but it certainly seems like this product will command a nice cost per call. I would predict mortgage brokers and the like, for example, to easily be willing to pay $10-$20 per call, especially since that will probably actually decrease their avg cost per lead. * Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, Joins Apple's Board of Directors Kudos to apple. Not much concrete I the forums as far as what will happen with this.

Barry Schwartz

09/06/2006 05:02 pm

Cool, you got notes! Now people don't have to listen to the podcast, or at least they don't have to listen to you talking on the podcast. ;-) just kidding. Great job again.

Barry Schwartz

09/06/2006 05:05 pm

Oopps, I see, notes for "missed topics" - thanks for adding.

Search Engines WEB ۞

09/07/2006 09:38 am

It is VERY difficult to decipher ANY reasoning behind any SEO believing that Keywords in URLs actually HURT the site. Isn't that intuitive to add get a domain name or add an HTML page that reflects the subject of the Website?


09/07/2006 10:20 am


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