Google Lowercases AdWords Display URLs

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As expected Google has started to roll out their new policy of requiring the domain portion of the display URLs in the AdWords ad to be lowercase.

If you search at Google, all the domain names in the AdWords ads should appear lowercase. If not, then maybe you are on an older data center and you will soon see it.

The rollout started Friday afternoon according to a WebmasterWorld thread.

Not all advertisers are happy about it. Especially when using case helps point out the true meaning of the URL. The example given last time still makes a solid point: is definitely better than

From >> To

AdWords URLs Lowecase

Anyone happy with this change?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Martin Macdonald

01/24/2011 01:46 pm

no - very unhappy about that change, I use uppercase letters to denote ad texts from different accounts.


01/24/2011 01:55 pm

I think this is a poor update. Often a domain has been picked because it's a phrase, the joy of AdWords was being able to display the domain exactly as you have done. Oh well... it's Google and they'll do what ever they please.


01/24/2011 06:02 pm

Google is doing it for better CTR of course, gotta pay for Schmidt's $100M award. However they are not revising any of your extensions after the slash, you can still use caps for readability.

Seo india

01/25/2011 01:02 pm

well this post is so small and it doesnt tell me what can be the advantage n harm of this lower case url in adwords. can anyone help me with that?


01/26/2011 02:13 am

I think uppercase level useful for both, Why Google need to change?

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