YouTube's Fans Don't Like New Home Page, Change May Come Soon

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YouTube introduced a new home page a couple weeks ago and as with any change to a site used by millions, not everyone is going to love the changes.

I summarized the large changes Google made to the YouTube home page over here but more changes are coming. These changes are designed to try to appease some of YouTube's most loyal fans.

Liz from the YouTube team said in a YouTube Help thread:

We've been listening over the past week, and it's clear that some of you don't like the new homepage. We see that it can get a bit noisy if you've got a lot of subscriptions. Yesterday we added the new "Recommendations"' tab, and we've got more ideas in the pipeline to make this experience better.

See below for some quick and easy tips on what you can do right now.

Change is never easy, and we'll use your feedback to help YouTube improve in the weeks to come. But we know we're on to something, and the new homepage is here to stay. Give it a chance, and find out why millions of users opted in and stuck with it.

So what is changing?

1. I can't easily find my Recommended Videos, or I'm only interested/not interested in Recommended Videos.

We're working on improving the way content is presented on your homepage, including the recent addition of a Recommended tab. This will allow you easy access to recommended content.

And, if you prefer to see only new uploads from your subscribed channels, you can click the Subscriptions button.

2. I'm don’t want to see activity from all my friends. I'm not interested in what videos Joe has favorited.

The Subscriptions button will narrow down your homepage to only uploaded videos from your subscriptions. If you don't want to filter down to just subscription uploads, we're also working on an ability for you to say “Don't show me likes/favorites/bulletins” from people that are too noisy.

3. Why do I have to float my cursor over a video to see the X button and delete the video from my feed?

We're working on ways to make this easier. No one wants to see a page full of Xs, but we realize it's not easy to delete large quantities of videos this way. We're on it.

4. Where's my inbox?

Your inbox will now only appear on the homepage if you have new personal messages or comments. You'll see these right under your username on the grey bar with the All activity and Subscriptions options.

And, as before, you can also access your inbox by clicking your username in the top-right corner of the screen and selecting Inbox.

5. I don't want everyone to see my activity!

All activity sharing is under your control. To limit what activities your friends and subscribers can see, visit the Activity sharing section of your Account Settings, accessed by clicking your username in the top-right corner of the page and selecting Account. Here's the URL:

Those are the changes or non-changes you can expect.

Forum discussion at YouTube Help.

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