Here's What Changed On YouTube's Home Page

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YouTube announced they have made major changes to the YouTube home page. The new home page is available to everyone, just go to and you will see it.

Since I produce weekly SEO videos and most of those views happen on YouTube, the changes interest me.

So what exactly changed?

  • Combined List: your subscriptions, friend activity, and recommendations are now merged into one easier-to-scan list so you can get a quick overview of all new videos at once
  • Donít miss a video: if a user you're subscribed to uploads 4 videos in a day, youíll see all videos (instead of just the latest video)
  • Delete anything: Hover over any video you donít want to watch and click Ďxí to delete the video from the list
  • See which videos you've already watched: videos youíve already watched will be grayed out so even without deleting videos from the list, youíll know where you left off watching
  • Help re-finding videos you just watched: Your homepage will include your recent likes and favorites so you can easily get back to them
  • Easy inbox: There are now links to your inbox (personal messages & comments) are front and center
  • Load much more: Watch older videos from your subscriptions, friends' suggestions, and recommended lists all without needing to leaving the homepage

You can learn more about these changes at YouTube Help or at the YouTube Help.

Have issues or complaints? There is a thread of them at the YouTube Help forums.

Forum discussion at YouTube Help.

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