What Else Can Yahoo Give Up On? Their Future

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Google, Er, Yahoo Car Needs a BathUpdated below but in short, Yahoo confirmed they are sunsetting products including AltaVista, MyBlogLogs but there is question about Delicious and Flickr. More details are below .

As expected, Yahoo has officially fired yet more of their staff. This time an additional 4%.

They are pretty much done firing my friends in their search departments. They gave up on search, under Carol Batz's leadership.

But right before this holiday season (which has become a trend for them), Yahoo fired 4% off their staff. Not in search, in other areas, such as Flickr and other properties. Properties that are "non-core products" to Yahoo. Yea, Flickr, one of Yahoo's best assets was cut majorly. I won't get into it, you need to read Thomas Hawk's letter to Yahoo's CEO, it is very revealing and heartfelt.

Now that you can read it - what do you think of this company?

I was demoralized that they handed over their search share to Microsoft. I am still upset but I am getting over it. Maybe. Heck, I don't even work for them and I am more upset about it than former Yahooers. Anyway, it seems like the company is going in the wrong direction to me - but who am I to judge.

Forum discussion at Sphinn.

Update: A tweet from @waxpancake shows a picture of a Yahoo slide of properties they will sunset (basically shut down), merge into other projects or focus on. This is amazing, Del.icio.us, Upcoming, Fire Eagle, MyBlogLog, and many more are dying in one way! I don't see Flickr on this list.

Yahoo Dying

Thanks Gary Price for sending this to me.

Now Danny Sullivan confirmed the death of Alta Vista and AllTheWeb, both two search engines Yahoo acquired back when they were shopping for a search technology to compete with Google. So sad to see AltaVista go. Yahoo Buzz and MyBlogLog and Traffic APIs seem to be closing. Plus the first social book marketing site, Delicious is in question right now. Very sad indeed.

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