Vlog #72: Daniel Waisberg On Google Search Console & The Search Relations Team


Daniel Waisberg

Daniel Waisberg (@danielwaisberg) is a search advocate at Google, former Google Analytics guru and now working with the Google Search Relations team on Search Console. He has been with Google since 2013 but before that, before joining Google, he use to write at Search Engine Land on analytics and had his own consulting firm. But now he works under John Mueller at Google and he is super happy.

Daniel is doing a lot of videos on how to use Google Search Console. You can see his series over here. Timing wise it worked out well because the migration from the old Search Console to the new one was just about finishing up when he joined. So it was a good time to make these educational videos.

We then talked about roles at Google search and tried to explain what each group at search does. He said the Google Search Relations team is kind of the voice of search between the community and the engineers. Basically he and his team try to be the voice of the SEO, webmaster, publisher, etc communities.

I then gave him a hard time about not giving a voice search filter in the Google Search Console performance reports. He said Google wants to provide data that is actionable and he doesn’t necessarily see how voice search filters are actionable.

Daniel explained having consistency between various tools, like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, is a challenge. He said the tools measure differently things, so hard to say.

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