Vlog #65: Aaron Friedman On Content Ideas & Small Things In SEO


Aaron Friedman

Aaron Friedman (LinkedIn) went from being an agency SEO to working at a data software company. I’ve known Aaron for many years - since 2009, back when he lived in Chicago and then when he ultimately moved from the United States to Israel.

We are both classified as orthodox Jews and for many years, like six years, I was like the only visible orthodox Jew at the SEM conference. Then Aaron popped up at SMX East, and we went to a kosher restaurant, and continued to go out for kosher meals at events since then. His career started in the agency life, falling into becoming to SEO. His goal was to live in Israel and he was able to do that through his SEO career. He ultimately landed at SimilarWeb in Israel and he helps with pre-sales work.

We spoke a bit about SimilarWeb and how it gets its data. He said it is a great way for SEOs to come up with content ideas and keywords. Google no longer gives out keyword data, SimilarWeb can fill that void. SimilarWeb gives you themes and topics around what people are searching for. So that can give you an interesting and different perspective to writing content. Writing content in today’s world is much different from the early days.

We then shifted to a fun topic, at least for that week when we were talking, title tag length. Basically about how older SEO tactics do not work these days. Focusing on small things in SEO don’t often pay off, especially meta tags and alt tags and smaller things.

You can learn more about Aaron Friedman on Twitter @aaronfriedman and on Instagram.

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